Necksaver (Clear)

Necksaver (Clear)


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Color: CLEAR

Tired of not being able to wear a halter of any kind? This is the answer! This is a hypoallergenic silicone accessory that you lace through your neck ties so the pressure is off of your neck! These are not like any neck saver you may have seen, these are longer and squared on the end so the straps will not slip off of the neck saver and are better for larger busted gals! Can be worn on bikinis, halter tops/dresses, aprons..anything that ties around the neck!

Neck Savers are available in several colors… clear, black, teal/turquoise and hot pink.

Very easy to add onto your bikini top or other halter clothing, just follow the 3 easy steps in the last picture.

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color: clear


color: black

Hot Pink

color: hot pink


color: turquoise/teal

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