Maintenance and Care Instructions

We do not recommend wearing any of our products in the jacuzzi or hot tubs, exposing these fabrics to such hot water and extreme hot weather will cause fabrics to fade and wear out much faster.

Wash/Care Instructions for Standard Bikinis:
Always rinse in COLD water after each use. Hand wash in the sink, no washer even on “hand wash cycle” with a few drops of mild dish detergent (we prefer Blue Dawn but any mild dish detergent will work), do not leave in sink for more than a few minutes, do not rub/scrub/wring/twist suit, rinse dish detergent off with COLD water and lay flat to dry on a towel. Only wash/rinse with like colors. NEVER use bleach or laundry detergent on our bikinis. No washer, No dryer….EVER

Lace trim, Lace/Crochet overlays and Metallic fabrics are delicate and not meant for constant wear and never for jacuzzi/hot tubs. Hot water and high heat outside puts a lot stress on these delicate fabrics and will cause your suit to wear out and fade quickly.

Wash/Care instructions for Competition/Figure bikinis, Chain bikinis and Sequin bikinis:
Caring for bikinis with metal embellishments such as jewelry/crystal connectors and chains, please remember that these are handmade delicate items and precaution needs to be taken, please inspect the metal each time before you wear the suit for any loose pieces or fraying as it can scratch you or possibly break. When wearing a bikini with crystal connectors/jewelry or chains on the hips, remember when you sit, your hips expand quite a bit and can cause these pieces to break. We are not responsible for broken, damaged pieces or discomfort/scratches they may cause. If it is something we can fix or repair, we will gladly fix or repair, if it is something you can fix or repair yourself, please do so carefully and always feel free to contact us for assistance and help!

When caring for a bikini with crystal connectors/jewelry or chains it is important that the crystal connectors/jewelry and chains never get wet. These types of bikinis are NOT meant for any water wear as water will tarnish the crystal connectors/jewelry and chains. We do not recommend rinsing or washing these particular bikinis, however, if your bikini needs to be washed, please follow the instructions above for standard bikinis but make sure the crystal connectors/jewelry or chains to not get wet.

Competition/Figure bikinis with added crystals/rhinestones on the fabric CANNOT be washed or get wet at any time whatsoever. These are meant for stage wear only. Each crystal/rhinestone is added one at a time by hand with glue NOT a heat press, getting wet will destroy the glue and cause the crystals to fall off. If you get tanner on the inside of you suit, we recommend just leaving it.

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