Bikini Top & Bottom Cuts

Top Style Cuts

Choose your top style/cut and size based on how you want to look on stage. Not sure of which to choose? Text me (909)757-4192 for sizing advice. Before making a final decision on style/cut and size, consider your goal look and the changes your body will make during the final week of training before your show.

*The most popular style is The Standard Competition Cut, in size Medium (perfect for implants up to a DD). As you can see from our diagrams, The Standard is rounded on the inner cups and extends on to your outer breast/side boob more than The Skinny Cut Competition Top which is cut more straight down the inner and outer cup like an upside down V. BOTH are fully lined + a pocket to add as much padding as you desire! Our amazing Heart Pads are beyond perfect! These miracle pads are triangle shape like the top and have extra padding on the side of the pad to add more push up & in for that extra oomph!

Still unsure of which size/cut to order? See our FAQ/Sizing page


Bottom Style/Cuts

Bikini Division

We make 3 different cuts for Bikini Division. Remember. every athlete has a unique shape and different hip and glute measurements so a cut may not appear the same on you as it does another athlete. All cuts come with our standard full scrunch butt. We design and make everything in house, we welcome in between styles, you can combine styles (front of one, rear of another, or in between) or a a custom from scratch cut. If you need a specific cut not shown, type it in your notes at checkout! *Note we DO NOT offer the Micro Pro Cut as a standard because the majority of athletes do not wear it, please get your coach’s approval before requesting skimpier than the Butterfly or Fever!


Butterfly Pro Cut

The Butterfly Pro Cut has been the #1 bottom since 2018! It has a low scoop front, the back has a deeper V at the waist, tighter scrunch butt and is cut more sweetheart shape (skimpier at the lower cheeks to rounded at the upper cheek)

Fever Pro Cut

The Fever Pro Cut has been our standard for many years! It has a low scoop front like the Butterfly Pro Cut, the back is cut to a V at the waist with a tight scrunch, the cheeks are cut at a straighter angle.

The Vamp Cut

The Vamp Cut, is our original cut from when we started making competition bikinis OVER 20 years ago, it is referred to by others as a Brazilian. It has a higher scoop front with a little more coverage in front, the back is cut to a V with a tight scrunch and fuller coverage across the cheeks.

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