The Fresh Peaches Story

In June of 1979, Janette Love had been shopping around for a swimsuit for daughter Lannette who was 2 years old at the time. Unable to find anything at a reasonable price, Janette decided to head to the local fabric store in search of swimsuit fabric and a pattern. Who knew that this simple decision would change Janette and her family’s lives forever!

Once Janette had completed her daughter’s swimsuit, she decided to use the remaining fabric to create a matching swimsuit for herself. Over the next few days they went swimming at the community pool and received countless compliments on their mommy and me attire, and Janette was asked where she was able to find such flattering swimsuits. She explained that she had made them herself, the neighbors began begging Janette to make them swimsuits, and she said no the to the first few requests as she did not see herself as a talented seamstress.

After saying no several times, one neighbor named Donna was insistent that she make her one, Janette obliged and over the next few days her doorbell was ringing non-stop with all the girls from the neighborhood wanting to place orders for swimsuits.

Over the next 8 years, Janette cut, sewed and sold her swimsuits out of her home during the week, and at several swap meets throughout Southern California on the weekends. Each year her clientele grew and grew, as did her styles and fabric selections.

By 1987, Janette was raising her three kids and growing her business as a one woman show, customers were coming to the house at all hours of the day and night, so Janette decided it was time to open a store. She rented a small warehouse building with a big metal roll-up door just a mile from her home and each year the business grew and grew!

Her three kids were growing up in the business and helped out after school and on weekends, cutting orders, answering phones, greeting customers, really anywhere and everywhere they could.

By 1993, the one warehouse building had turned into three and the store was quickly outgrowing this space, so Janette moved the store to a street front building and kept the warehouses for materials, designing and manufacturing. Over the next 15 years the store continued to grow in popularity and became a California icon with customers driving hundreds of miles to shop our one of a kind, handmade swimwear. Janette’s children were now taking on more leadership roles in the company, son James was the warehouse manager, daughter Lannette the head designer and daughter Carriann as the store manager.

In 2006, it was once again time to expand and Fresh Peaches moved to a new 6,500 square foot building near Quakes baseball stadium, everything would now be housed in one facility, designing, cutting, manufacturing and the largest swimsuit showroom in California. Fresh Peaches grew out of that building and moved to a larger building in the same parking lot on the Rochester Ave side facing the stadium.

Janette retired in the Summer of 2018, a year after Carriann and her husband moved to Illinois with their growing family. Janette’s eldest daughter and head designer Lannette took over the business. Lannette has been busy revamping and rebranding Fresh Peaches Swimwear now known as Fresh Peaches Bikinis. Lannette personally posts and answers ALL our social media posts, emails and texts all while being hands on in every aspect of Fresh Peaches Bikinis. Lannette is currently working on big plans for the business, she is focused on bringing Fresh Peaches Bikinis to the world by focusing on our brand and website, with long hours and a lot of hard work, it is paying off, the website sales have increased tremendously… bringing the business closer and closer to the goal of transitioning to be completely online by the end of 2020. Fresh Peaches will always be one step ahead of the game! Because we really do the manufacturing and designing in-house it does not take us months to create and produce new styles, if Lannette has an idea, she can design it, oversee the sewing and have bikinis ready to promote and sell the same day! 2020 has been a hard year with COVID and a blessing at the same time, to really give us time to stop, take a breath, think and evaluate changes to continue growing Fresh Peaches Bikinis into a sustainable company for many many years and decades to come. Come with us on this journey!

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